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FROM OUR PASTOR:  I am glad you visited the New Life website! Here you will find information and resources to help you discover all that New Life has to offer to help you grow and connect with God and others.   

New Life is a community of believers that has one simple mission Find Life, Build Life, Share Life.   

Our approach is found in our 6 core values.  We are contemporary in style. The family here is relational, caring, and ready to celebrate the love and grace of Jesus.  Our bottom line:  We are more concerned with where you are going than where you have been. Lets build a strong faith, and bring it home.  Blessings, Pastor Ray.

what to expect

  • A warm welcome, regardless of who are you.
  • Clear information, and welcome center to assist, a nursery for small children, and clear signs so that you do not have to feel awkward about being in a new place.
  • Relevant clear sermon that you can apply to your life.
  • Refreshing music and an invitation to participate in worship.
  • A “family focused” church, meaning we have programs designed to help you build a healthy home.
  • People like you, from a variety of ethic, social, economic, and even religious backgrounds.
  • A church that is not hung up on dress or formalities.  Be yourself, dress comfortably
  • Read More: – A walk through Sunday Morning & Info about communion, baptism and membership

How and when new life started

New Life started in 1990 in a storefront building in the center of Irmo.  In 1999, we moved to 10809 Broad River Rd. into our own facilities. In 2007, we added a second building called the “Connection Center”.  In 2008, Wal-Mart in Ballentine moved in directly behind our church. We are so excited that the surrounding community is growing rapidly all around us!  But that is a history of the buildings and organization, the real ministry is in hearts of people and families that have found new life in Jesus. (Learn More) 

atmosphere at new life

We are a warm contemporary church, excited about our mission. We embrace singles, emptynesters, traditional families, young and old, from all races.  We do not look at externals but see each person as a precious creation of God.

We are focused helping to growing strong faith Christ centered singles and families through practical Bible teaching and relevant messages,  usually with a touch of humor to keep it interesting!  

Our worship band plays a mix of contemporary worship songs. The words are clearly displayed so you can join in worship when you are ready!

Are you Accountable to a denomination?

We are free to pursue our own vision and culture.  But accountability is vital, and we are affiliated with and accountable to the Assemblies of God.