Our Core Value #6 – To see God work in our home as He does in our heart and His church. 

The Issue:

Families are hurting. Parents hearts are broken when their kids fail to follow the Lord. And sadly the message heard at church is often not congruent to what is seen at home. Faith for too families has been relegated to Sunday’s. What is happening in church is often not happening in the home. What is happening in the home are things that would not happen in church. But all this is changing, as families find hope and healing when faith in brought into the home.



Common Questions about Faith at Home:

1. Q: What is a Faith at home about ? 

A: Is a vision, not a program. It is blended into everything we do at New Life. It simply seeks to connect one’s faith at church and one’s lifestyle. Faith at Home means practicing, sharing, and modeling faith in our marriages, families, parenting and relationships. Please understand, it is not just for families with kids. It is for singles, married with no children, single parents, and the traditional family.

It is a growing an awareness of the need to equip individuals, pastors, church leaders, parents and grandparents to bring faith and a authentic Christian walk into our lifestyle at home.  It is a return to the plan found all in the Bible where the home is the primary place where faith is learned and applied.  The research show that despite our creative in church programs, the next generation is largely not active in their faith once they are 2 years out of high school. Only 10% of Christian families do any proactive disciplining in the home.


2. Q: Is emphasizing Faith at Home a new fad? 

A: It is seeing a revival as we are becoming aware of the mistakes we have made. However it is not new at all, in fact, it is a very old command. The Scriptures have always taught that the home is where faith is to be nurtured and passed from generation to generation. (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 2 Timothy 1:5).

Research confirms that parents are the number one influence on children in matters of faith. Put another way, the church at meet in our homes every day is more influential than the one that meets on Sunday’s. We need both working together. And if the home is healthy, the church will be healthy. So we poor a lot of time and resources into helping, supporting and equipping families.


3. Q: My family is a mess, am I alone? Is it to late?

A: No, you are not alone, and we want to help! Marriages and families hurting the big 3 D’s: divorce, dissension, and division. We are committed to the home healed, a place where God is honored and loved again.

God is on the move through the Faith@Home movement to reestablish the home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. Read 3 Reasons why this is so important


4. Q: With an emphasis on Faith at Home, does New Life have Children’s and Youth Ministry?

A: YES!!

In fact we have a robust children’s and youth ministry and we love it! We have trained leaders, and a very active youth and child's program. The only thing that is different is our purpose behind these ministries. We want them to support faith training in the home, not replace it. In fact we are passionate about helping, encouraging and equipping parents, so if you are new to all this, fear not!

So while we will do all we can to foster an atmosphere to help our children grow, we are wanting parents to not see us as a place to outsourcing discipleship. Instead we want to equip parents to do what they do so much better than the church can. It is not hard, in fact most parent realize that it is no more effort, but a little more intention.


5. Q: How do I start with my family? 

A: Our resource page gives you recommended reading. Coming to New Life will enable you to join in a group of other parents who desire the same thing as you, to do their best to model and pass their faith down to their children. 

**An important note — it is never too late to start, even if your children are grown.


6. Q: Can you recommend resources to help me get started? 

A: Yes, we are constantly updating our resources, they are all on the bottom of page.


7. Q: What if I am single or my kids have left the home?

A: Faith at home is not just traditional families with kids at home. "Empty nesters" can get involved in mentoring or being a spiritual parent to someone who does not have one. Singles need others to join with and create ‘family’ units to support and encourage each other. Faith at Home is a church wide vision.

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