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Info Center for the Milkshake To Shakes Growth Courses

What is mts university?

MTS or Milkshakes to Steaks is a series of Christian Growth Courses designed to help a person mature, be balanced in life, and be strong in the their faith.

Each session has 3 elements:

  • Accountability where assignments from the application from the previous week are reviewed.
  • Analysis of the Scripture: where we explore key scriptures related to the topic for the week.
  • Application: where we encourage immediate practical application to the topic discussed

Small group setting allows for discussion, interaction, and new relationships

Who is mts for?

MTS Courses are for anyone wants to grow into the balanced person that God wants them to be.

Where did the name milkshake to steaks come from?

  • It comes from Hebrews 5:13 which encourages personal growth, confronting those who have not matured in their faith.
  • The MTS name and purpose comes from that passage which says: Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves.

What courses do you offer?

We offer a set of 6 Core Courses as well as a selection of practical electives

How do i get involved in mts?

is there a cost?

  • To get involved, please contact us for a schedule of courses that are being offered next. The courses are open to anyone.
  • All the core courses are free. Some of the Elective courses may have a minimal cost for the materials.

mts core courses

MTS First Steps

This course will introduce you to the Christian Walk, tell you more about the discipleship courses we offer, help you get started in your daily walk with God, share with you the 6 tools to the use in your walk, and give you an understanding of some new words you may hear in church and help with understanding water baptism and more.

MTS I – Building Core Values

This course will help you to understand the key basic teachings of the Bible, called doctrines.  It will answer questions about who God is, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Also, What is the church?  We will also introduce you to membership at New Life and help you understand our vision and purpose as a church.

MTS II – Building Core Disciplines

This course may be one of the more challenging courses we offer. It seeks to build into your lifestyle key disciplines that will help you to grow strong in your relationship with the Lord. Prayer, Bible Reading, controlling the tongue, mission, developing a testimony, overcoming temptation are some of the topics covered.

MTS III – Building Core Virtues

This course will address the development of Godly character.  It focuses more on our inward heart, and less on our outward actions.

MTS IV – Building Core Fellowship

This course is advanced discipleship. All through this course, students are challenged to not make any decision without first asking themselves, What Would Jesus Do? Topics covered include mentoring someone else, adjusting my attitude, how to lead someone to the Lord, understanding my gifts and talents, overcoming my past, and overcoming worry.

MTS V – Building Core Leadership

This course seeks to help one in developing Christian leadership skills and values.

mts electives

MTS Marriage I

Covers the following topics: Building your marriage, Improving Your Communication and Mastering Your Money.

MTS Marriage II

Resolving Conflict, Building Your Mates Self-Esteem, and Growing Together in Christ.

MTS Man to Man:

Covers relationships, leadership, integrity, commitment, mentoring, and prayer

MTS Women

This course uses the Building Faithful Women program

MTS Parenting

Covers material in regard to Raising Your Children According to the plan of God.

MTS Finances

Covers topics to Christian Biblical Principles for finances. Topics covered include: Budgeting, Saving, Debt Free Living, Giving, Making ends meet, Use of Credit etc.

MTS Teens Only

This course is a basic discipleship course for those 12-19 in age.

MTS Gifts

How to discover your unique personality and giftedness in the Lord, and how to use those talents in a constructive manner.

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