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Here is a list of prayer request that others have shared.   Lets agree together in prayer for these needs.  When you have prayed, please click the hands to let others know. 


Please pray for our grandson, Finn, who is 2 years old. He has strep throat, rash all over his body and fever of 101. Doctor says it's Scarlet Fever and it's extremely contagious.


Prayer for our Grandson Xavier he's 23, he's been involved in doing drugs & this specific drug makes him combative, aggressive & Psychotic. He got in trouble 2 wks ago & got arrested for Burglary non violent in Columbia, he was put on house arrest at our home but it has been a real nightmare with aggressive arguments, he won't follow house arrest terms and everytime we try to stop him from going out its become more aggressive arguments, have called police 7xs no help. They can't arrest him because as they say he hasn't done anything wrong😣😥PLEASE We need Prayer for protection, Peace & Strength and for our grandson a total change of heart. He keeps using these pills even though on house arrest. He took off his ankle monitor and they still don't get him out of our house. We're worried for ourselves & him. PLEASE Prayers needed🙏🙏 desperately.


This is Danielle Goodrich. Jason and I are doing online court Tuesday May 12th. We will be going to court for that charge against us with our son. We are praying hard to walk away with just probation. Everything has been looking positive so far but I asked my church family to please come together in prayer. We are ready for this chapter to end so our son can finally rest in peace, and we can all move forward in a positive way raising our family to the best of our abilities. Thank you all and God bless 🙏🏻


My mom, Betty Porter, age 91, is in a Nursing facility in California and has tested positive for COVID-19. She's asymptomatic and is feeling fine. She's been placed in isolation. All we can do now is wait the 14 days and continue to pray for complete recovery. Thanks.


Prayer for people in our church that have lost their jobs.

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