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Our Grandson Xavier has been sick since Sunday, with bad headaches, dizzy, diarreah, upset stomach & body ache. Took him to Dr they told him to get Covid test, he's going tomorrow for the test. Praying that it's not Covid19. I have him quarantined in his room and away from Him & our grandsons CJ & JJ. Your Prayers are appreciated🙏🙏 Mindy & Gil


Keith B coworker has covid 19 and is on a ventilator in MUSC, he is 54 and needs the help of the Lord right now to get through. 


My father and half brother could use some prayers. My father told me last night he has cancer and starting chemo tomorrow and that his son Dylan has a bile duct issue in his liver that may destroy his liver down the road, Biliary Cirrhosis i believe. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers


This is actually a Praise from previous prayer requests: The first is an update on my mother, Betty Porter, who had contracted COVID-19. She was asymptomatic and was quarantined at her nursing facility in California. I am pleased to report that she is fully recovered and back to her normal activities. The facility, which also had numerous other cases, is now totally safe and clean. Thank you Lord for your healing. Amen Secondly, our grandson, Finn, has completely recovered from Scarlet Fever. He's running around and enjoying life as a two year old should. Thanks for all of the prayers.


My father has Multiple Myeloma, which is basically a cancer in his bones. There is no cure. About a year ago he went through a stem cell transplant and the cancer went into remission. He had a bone marrow biopsy last week and just found out the cancer is back. I'm not sure what this means for treatment but I know the maintenance chemo he was on was very difficult for him. Please pray for him and my mother.

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