Member's Area


From here you can...

  • Log into your account and update your address, phone, email etc, and add your photo.
  • View the directory of other members.
  • View or print your private giving reports for tax purposes or accuracy.
  • All this is kept on Simple Church - which you have access to below.

HOW TO login to your

simple church account

1.  Click here to login to the secure member's area on SimpleChurch
2.  If you do not have your user name and / or password
- Click "forgot password".
- Then enter the email address that we have on file at the church, and your login will be sent by email.

how to Print off your Giving report

Video: General tour of the member's area

Video: How to print off your contribution / giving report

b. Click on your name in the upper right corner to open your account
c. Click the Giving tab.
d. Then click the gear to filter the dates for reflect the year you want to print off.
e. Then click the gear again to download the PDF and print it.

NOTE: Only you can see your giving report. Only members/adherents can see your contact information, much like a church directory.

If you have any questions or problems, please email the church office and we will assist you! If you need for us to mail your contribution statement, please email or call the church office.