What it's like at New Life?

We are a warm contemporary church, excited about our mission. We embrace singles, empty nesters, traditional families, young and old, from all races.  

We are focused on helping to growing strong faith in Christ-centered singles and families through community and relevant Bible messages.  Our worship band lead us in mix of contemporary worship songs. The words are clearly displayed so you can join in worship when you are ready!

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When You Arrive

You will be greeted at the door with a warm smile and a helpful person to answer any questions you might have about the church, the nursery, the restrooms, children’s worship, etc. You will be offered information about the church, and our weekly newsletter.

You can drop your small children off at the nursery, or keep them with you in service if it makes you more comfortable on your first visits. 

 (And sure, its ok to step out for a few minutes if they become disruptive to settle them down – we are parents too and know how difficult it can be for a small child to cooperate for an entire service).

When Service Starts

The service will open with our band leading us in praise and worship, followed by a time of greeting and meeting one another. This is a great chance to meet someone.

Children’s church is dismissed at the start the sermon, if it is communion Sunday, the kids are brought back in to receive communion with their families at the parent's discretion.

Have Kids?  See what we offer for your family. 

How Do I Dress?

However you wish.  You will find that we have people who dress casually, and others who prefer to dress up a little… either one is completely fine and acceptable as these things do not matter as much as God’s work in the heart.

Just so you know...

We will not ask you to volunteer on your visit with us, and contributing in the offering is not expected of our visitors.  The message is often introduced with a video clip or a story. The message is Bible based and communicated with the goal of practical application. 

After the message, you will be given a chance during our reflective worship song to pray and seek God’s help. 

Often times there is an opportunity at the end of service or after everyone is dismissed for a pastor or leader to pray with you about anything going on in your life.