About Life Recovery Meetings:

1. What is a Life Recovery meeting all about? Life Recovery is a group of like minded individuals seeking to work through their particular challenges in life by applying a 12 step program of practical application. These 12 steps are designed to help the individual have a spiritual awakening that changes their life dramatically. As a result, they are better equipped to face obstacles in life with a renewed spirit. 

2. Is Life Recovery only for those with Substance Use Disorders? No! While recovery from substance use is a common theme for those that attend meetings, Life Recovery offers a solution to those struggling with everything from drug and alcohol issues, to gambling, food, sexual behavior, anxiety, depression and other compulsion and process disorders. We believe that regardless of the particular issue that brings you to Life Recovery, we are all using the same solution, our relationship with God. 

3. Is Life Recovery biblical in nature? Yes! While we use the 12 steps as a practical program of action, we believe that each one has a scriptural foundation, and we use the Bible in order to maintain sound, and truth based teachings. Everything we do is based in the Word. 

4. Do I need to be saved, or even a Christian to attend? No. Anyone and everyone is welcome. We believe that it is important to meet people where they are. Some come in devout believers while some come in without a relationship with God but feel led to be here. Our circumstances do not limit God’s ability to work miracles in our lives. 

5. Do I need to be a member of the church where the meeting is held? No, while the church supports our meeting by providing a place and time to meet, as well as using it as a resource for their members, anyone from the public is welcome to attend. 

6. How are Life Recovery meetings led and structured? While the custom with many 12 step programs and meetings is to allow anyone to chair or lead on any topic so long as they have a specific amount of time in recovery, Life Recovery is a bit different. There are specific topics discussed, work is done from workbooks and those who run the meetings generally have some specific training in the process. 

7. Does Life Recovery cost anything to attend? NO! It is free for any and all that attend. We do pass a basket at the end for anyone that WISHES to contribute something towards rent, coffee, cookies etc. But there is no charge, no one will ever be expected to pay and we simply use that which is collected to help the next meeting proceed.