10 Weeks - Starts Jan 22nd

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 10 week intentional Christian growth initiative.  It focuses around the 7 rythms of a disciple.    Sign up here.

Jan 22nd is our kickoff event called Rooted and Ravoli!  Your group will meet weekly and be walking through the same material.  You will seek to develop your story, actually Gods story in your life during the week that you meet.  

We will not have our regular home groups during the 10 weeks of rooted, but they will resume later in the spring.  

Start the year off great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions and answers about ROOTED.

What is the format and when do the Rooted Groups Meet

The format is small group, about 8-10 per group.   You will have a facilitor to guide the group who has been through rooted before.  

The leaders will not be teaching, only leading your through the journey. 

When do the groups meet and for how long

When you sign up you can choose your preferred time to meet.  Depending on how many we have signed up, we will try to have groups at different time.  

Our main time will be Sunday Evening from 6:30 to 8 pm.  Rooted lasts 10 weeks.  ( the first week is a kickoff meal on Jan 22nd) 

What will we be doing?

The experience is guided by your rooted book.  It has 5 lessons and reflections in it for each week.  You will do them daily with the Lord.   The journey will be bring you through the 7 rythms of a disciple.   

When you come together you will have a chance to share what God is teaching you from the week before.  

There are 2 group experiences (fasting and servicing) that you will group will do together.  While these are optional, they enhance the journey.