your home to FIND, BUILD

We are glad you visited the New Life website! Here you will find information and resources to help you discover all that New Life has to offer to help you grow and connect with God and others.   

New Life is a community of believers that has one simple mission:  Find Life, Build Life, Share Life.   

Our approach is found in our 6 core values.  We are contemporary in style. The family here is relational, caring, and ready to celebrate the love and grace of Jesus. We are more concerned with where you are going than where you have been. Lets build a strong faith, and bring it home. 

Looking for a church home?

We would welcome your visit!

We seek to have a contemporary approach toward worship, a practical approach towards Bible teaching, a passionate  approach toward discipleship, grace-filled approach to people, compassionate approach towards the hurting and lost, and a purposeful approach toward serving. 

Plan your visit with us

what to expect

  • A warm welcome!
  • Clear information, a welcome center to assist, a nursery for small children, and clear signage so that you do not have to feel awkward about being in a new place.
  • Relevant clear sermon that you can apply to your life.
  • Refreshing music and an invitation to participate in worship.
  • A “family friendly ” church, with programs designed to help you build a healthy home.
  • People from a variety of ethic, social, economic, and even religious backgrounds.
  • A church that is not hung up on dress or formalities.  
  • Read  a walk through Sunday Morning